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Geolocation blocks and events

Geolocation blocks and events allow you to use your visitor’s geoinformation inside the text and your scripts

Example: People in %city% love this product → People in New York love this product.

Available in Booster 6.0 only

  • Personalize the shopping experience

  • Increase sales

  • Available everywhere in the theme

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Build urgency, boost conversions, and get customers to the checkout faster by adding a promotion timer that counts down in real-time.

  • Create a fear of missing out

  • Make people act faster

  • Save on expensive apps

  • Available on the product, cart and checkout pages

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Create the necessary urgency in your customer mind by adding these amazing sections to your website:

  • Number of people watching the product

  • Stock left available

  • Product added to cart

  • Urgency message

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With Booster your customers can browse directly from a picture without having to search through collection. You can link as many products you want on a single picture.

  • Improve customer experience

  • Help people visualize the product in their life

  • Increase conversion rate

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Connect with your customer in the most intimate way by adding to your website the Facebook Messenger Chat.

  • Give your customer a great support experience

  • Receive client messages directly in your Facebook inbox

  • Save money with this free conversational live chat

  • Increase trust

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Shorten your sales process by giving the choice to your customer to go directly to checkout. Proven to boost sales in most cases.

  • ​​​Skip the cart page

  • ​Increase buyers impulsivity

  • ​Save time for buyers

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Get more customers leads by offering a Free gift on your store. Booster automatically detects Free + Shipping items and replace the Buy Now button for a Free Gift button.

  • Automatically detects 0$ items

  • ​Increase your ADD TO CART instantly

  • 100% customizable, put the call to action you want

  • ​Show factious sales if you have no customer

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By displaying recent sales notification, powerful social proof is created, which is proven to boost your sales.

  • Create social proof

  • Increase visitors trust

  • Give your customer a chance to buy another product

  • ​Show factious sales even if you have no customers

  • No expensive monthly fees

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Product upsells & Cross sell

Upsell is the best way to increase your AOV (average order value) without spending a dime on advertising. You save more than 500$+ per year just by NOT using an upsell/cross-sell app.

  • Offer complimentary items easily

  • Works with any product, collection, and product variants

  • ​Increase your net profit

  • Save on expensive app

  • Optimized for fast loads speed

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The 'Recently viewed products' help your customers to find the products they’d previously visited and prompt them to purchase it easily.

  • Boost your Average order value

  • ​Increase your profit

  • ​​​Improve the customer experience

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Add Amazon-like Frequently Bought Together product bundle on your Shopify Store and increase your average order value quickly.

  • Add product recommendations on your store

  • Amazon-like Frequently Bought Together

  • Boost your Average order value

  • ​Increase your profit

  • Improve the customer experience

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Related Products will boost your sales dramatically by providing a user-tailored recommended offer based on Shopify AI.

  • Boost your Average Order Value

  • ​Increase your profit

  • ​​​Improve the customer experience

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The Smart Mega Menu simplifies how your customer navigate. Most SMG apps are expensive and slow your store.

  • ​​Better user experience

  • Simplify your menu display

  • Can add discounted product inside

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Stay legal by adding in one simple click the demanded “GDPR cookie bar”.

  • Improve customer confidence

  • Mobile friendly

  • Protect yourself legally

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This will convert all of your prices into appropriate currency. Ideal you are selling internationally.

  • Automatically detect the country

  • ​Proven to increase conversion

  • ​Easy to setup

  • ​​Works with more than 180 currencies

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