15 Killer Dropshipping Tools You Need to Know About in 2020

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The dropshipping business is booming. According to 2018 research, 23% of online sales in the previous year were fulfilled via dropshipping. The same research also found that a whopping 33% of online stores use the dropshipping fulfillment model.

But it’s not all rainbows and starry skies—starting a dropshipping business requires serious research, dedication, and hard work. Fortunately, there are countless tools available on the market that can help. If you’re interested in learning more about the best dropshipping tools for 2020, then you’ve come to the right place.




1. Shopify


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Trusted by over 1 000 000 businesses worldwide, Shopify is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) e-commerce platforms on the market today. This software is known for its beautiful, responsive, and customizable themes, as well as user-friendliness. The platform requires practically no design or coding skills, and it offers countless apps and integrations with other platforms that can further help you sell, fulfill orders, optimize, and build and customize your store. Shopify also offers point-of-sale hardware, giving businesses the ability to sell at retail locations. The basic plan starts at $29/month and increases based on the number of features you’re interested in.


2. GetResponse


Get Response Automation Examples


GetResponse is a popular online marketing platform that can help businesses grow their audience base and sell or promote their services and products. The platform offers assistance with everything from email marketing to marketing automation, as well as creating landing pages and funnels. Plans start at $15/month for list sizes starting at 1,000 contacts and increase based on the features you select and the number of contacts your company needs to support.


3. Booster Theme


Many consider this to be the best Shopify theme for dropshipping and e-commerce. The Booster Theme is a high-converting Shopify theme inspired by ConversionXL Institute studies on conversion optimization. It boasts a whopping 19,000+ Shopify users currently leveraging the product, a 91% customer satisfaction rating, and users can expect a 277% increase in conversions when they implement the theme, according to the site. This theme offers a variety of convenient and useful apps that include everything from product upselling to Geo IP currency converters, and it is available in ten different languages. It can additionally serve as an excellent dropshipping theme for your online e-commerce business. Even better—it boasts no monthly fees, which can be quite enticing to the average e-commerce seller. A single license for one Shopify store will run you a one-time fee of $179. 


4. ClickFunnels


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ClickFunnels is another popular platform that offers e-commerce business owners the tools and support necessary to launch high-converting sales funnels. Users gain access to pre-designed pages and funnels designed to walk customers through each step of the sales process. The platform also offers up its Etison editor, which assists in creating high-converting pages via the drag n’ drop approach. ClickFunnels also allows users to run smart affiliate programs inside funnels and create smart email, text, and messenger follow-up funnels. The basic plan starts at $97/month and increases based on the suite of services selected.


5. Dropified


Dropified Example Page


This is a particularly useful tool, especially for those using Aliexpress dropshipping. The software helps optimize dropshipping workflows and scale businesses. Dropified offers advanced product research tools, the ability to import product reviews from AliExpress vendors, and a fully automated dropshipping app. It also conveniently integrates with all of the big e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, GrooveCart, and CommerceHQ. In addition, users can take advantage of a 60-day e-commerce training program and an impressively responsive support team. The basic plan starts at $47/month and increases based on the set of features desired.

6. Dropship Spy


Dropship Spy Webpage


Dropship Spy is a convenient product research tool that gives users access to over a thousand award-winning products as well as convenient and useful selling tools, including a Facebook audience builder, ProductSpy (which leverages data from AliExpress), a reviews downloader, engagement calculators, training resources, and the Dropship Spy forum. It also conveniently integrates with Shopify. The basic plan starts at $15/month.


7. CartHook


carthook example

CartHook boasts powerful sales funnels and post-purchase, one-click upsells perfect for leveraging with your Shopify store. The platform also provides users with convenient templates for checkout pages, landing page funnels, an intuitive funnel builder, and the ability to support subscription-based commerce. It furthermore offers integrated apps, fraud protection, responsive support, and intuitive analytics, and it works with numerous payment processors such as Paypal, Stripe, and NMI. The professional plan starts at $500/month, and the custom Enterprise Plans are available for $250,000/month.


8. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation Logo


Active campaign is a popular platform geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. It assists with everything from email marketing to marketing and sales automation and CRM. ActiveCampaign users gain access to advanced reporting, training and support, integrated forms, and free migration services that help businesses move everything over from their current software to the platform. They furthermore have a convenient iOS CRM app and offer useful tools for site tracking, email segmentation, contact and lead scoring, creating Facebook custom audiences and dynamic content, and more. The basic plan supports 1,000 contacts and begins at $17/month.


9. Oberlo


Oberlo Logo


Oberlo is another product research tool that can be valuable for dropshipping businesses. The platform assists in finding products to sell from trusted suppliers and provides in-depth product statistics as well as a global network of suppliers. It also integrates with Shopify and is rated as “Excellent” on Trustpilot with a TrustScore of 8.7. Businesses looking for in-depth support will be glad to know Oberlo also offers dropshipping courses, free ebooks, and other useful resources. The basic plan supports up to 500 products and is absolutely free.


global ecommerce sales from 2014 to 2021 (Graph)


10. Google Consumer Insights


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Google Consumer Insights is a suite of tools that can provide businesses with useful real-time data on what individuals are searching for related to products and brands. The “Recommended Tools” feature helps users learn more about consumer behavior. There is also a “Find My Audience” tool, which helps companies identify new audiences that match their current business goals. Furthermore, the software offers up the extremely useful “Google Surveys” tool, which enables businesses to get fast, reliable insights from consumers across both desktops and mobile devices. These are just a fraction of the features available with Google Consumer Insights.


11. Sell The Trend


sell the trend example


Sell The Trend provides businesses with AI-powered dropshipping product discovery technology and offers a 9-in-1 dropshipping tool that is chock-full of useful features. Users have access to a dropship product explorer, a Shopify store explorer, a Facebook ad explorer, as well as an AliExpress and Amazon Trend Explorer. That’s not all, though—the software provides businesses with a video ads creator, a Facebook audience builder, and an Instagram and Twitter engagement calculator. Plans start at $39.97/month.


12. MailChimp


mailchimp dashboard - example


MailChimp is an immensely popular all-in-one marketing platform. It’s notable for being user-friendly and, as a result, accessible to those with little to no coding or design skills or experience. The platform offers everything from pre-built templates to segments, automated emails, and landing pages. It even assists with promotions and marketing across multiple channels. The basic plan is free, but it gives users access to just a fraction of what MailChimp has to offer. You’re better off starting with the Essentials Plan, which will run you $9.99/month.


13. LiveChat, Inc.


Live Chat Inc - Example


LiveChat, Inc. is a 360° customer service platform that helps automate the customer service process. This SaaS help desk and online chat software boast clients such as McDonald’s, IKEA, Paypal, Unilever, and Adobe—and it’s easy to understand why. It offers over 170+ integration tools as well as automation, and it can help your business with product suggestions, setting and tracking goals, engagement, and upselling. The basic plan starts at $16/month.

14. Grabley


Grabley Dropshipping Search Tool


Grabley is a neat dropshipping research tool conveniently available as a Google Chrome extension that has over 16k users and a whopping five-star rating. It allows users to auto-check listings (i.e., balances and prices) on sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and AliExpress as well as monitor top-performing products. Users can register for free and track as many as ten vendors at a time.


15. Channel Advisor Fulfillment (formerly HubLogix)


In 2017, ChannelAdvisor acquired HubLogix—a popular fulfillment/logistics platform that automated order management by “connecting online storefronts and marketplaces to distribution and fulfillment centers” and turned it into ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment.

ChannelAdvisor itself is known for providing a full suite of e-commerce solutions to assist with streamlining processes related to inventory, orders, and fulfillment. They also partner with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime, help manage third-party logistics, and provide users with access to their vast distribution networks. The basic plan ($499/month) provides users with a full automation platform, one e-commerce channel, two vendors, and the ability to manage up to 100,000 SKUs and 2,000 orders per month.


Global Dropshipping Market Revenue Share (Graph)

Final Thoughts


2018 research found that the dropshipping industry has amounted to over $85.1 billion—and that figure only continues to rise. If you’re interested in getting in on the goods, then you’ll need all of the help you can get. Use this article as a useful guide to help you build a strong foundation of tools and ensure you get started off on the right foot in 2020 and beyond.
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