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The only sustainable Shopify theme ever created

Booster is the only theme on the market with at heart our mother earth. Boosting your Shopify store's output by 79% less polluting than the industry average, Booster will help you be a better citizen of this planet and create more sales without any environmental harm!


It's not a Myth !

Most people are unaware of the fact that even a small website has an impact on the environment. A study done by Google in 2010 showed that 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity emits approximately 0.7 pounds of CO2, which is equivalent to burning 2 gallons of gasoline (8 liters).

1 page view = ~0.054 watt hours

Just imagine: ~1.7 billion websites X visitors X page view how much destroying it is.

You can make a small impact yourself by taking an environmental choice while it's time.

Just compare by yourself

It is important for all of us to do our part in protecting this planet, and there are many ways we can help the environment without too much effort.

💨 CO2 / page view 0.31g 1.63g 6.93g 1.25g
🌳 to absorb CO2 2🌳 for 1 year 9🌳 for 1 year 38🌳 for 1 year 7🌳 for 1 year
👀 CO2 / 10K visitors 36.78kg 195.4kg 831.81kg 150.35kg
⚡️ kWh/ year 85kWh 454kWh 1,932kWh 349kWh
🌱 Ecologic Super Clean 👌 Dirty 👎 Hyper Dirty 👎 Dirty 👎


Emit 76% less CO2 than a sumo fighter

Yes, our goal is to make your website load faster and save you money on apps, but we also have the environment in mind. That's why with Booster low-bandwidth architechture, we emit 76% less CO2 than a sumo fighter over 1 year of usage of our theme.

2 trees - That's the amount of trees booster needs to absorb its carbon in a year

It's like boiling water for 517 bowl of ramen.

Every 10,000 visitors in Booster theme emits as much CO2 as boiling water for 517 bowl of ramen. Boiling water for ramen doesn't pollute at all, but please avoid eating 517 bowls of ramen. Not too good for your health!

Less than 0.31g of co2 / page visit

Our themes is so lightweight that it produce less than 0.31g of CO2 per page visit, making it the most environmentally friendly theme ever made for Shopify!

Increase your sales responsibly!

Ecommerce is something that is here to stay and won't stop tomorrow. At least, now you know how much we love the planet. We're all in this together, so let's make e-commerce a better place for everyone; from conversion rates to environment.


Mark Lafleur
CEO of Boostertheme

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