Blazing fast

Speed up your Shopify to convert more $ales. Faster

Booster Theme is the perfect solution if you want your Shopify store to be as fast as possible without any compromises.

Faster than any other theme

Your Shopify store is slw and you’re loosing a ton of $$$ because of that.

Did you know that your Ecommerce conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time. Booster theme fixes all your performance issues and makes your site blazing fast!

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Faster than any other theme. Period.

Test by yourself and see. We're not shy.
*Results shown are the average of 10 tests.

Yup, we are speed junkies 🤤


Everything Booster Theme needs is built and provided by us. No outdated dependencies or bloat.

Milliseconds norm

All of our testing and evaluation is done in milliseconds. Sub 100ms is our norm.

Built for the future

We don't rely on old technologies and take full advantage of the modern web.


Our external assets are being served with efficient TTL through Cloudflare with servers across 200 cities in 100 countries.

Efficient Javascript Queries

We use unique IDs and skip over initialized elements to minimize Javascript DOM queries.

Automatic Image Optimization

Booster serves your images in the most optimized quality based on the screen and element size.
No more huge images on tiny screens.

Native functionality

We take advantage of modern browser APIs and have minimal polyfills, keeping the bundle size as small as possible.

Optimized interaction

We use CSS to trigger some of the interactions you see, avoiding the need for Javascript completely.

Minimal DOM manipulation

Our DOM isn't dependent on Javascript, so your customers can start exploring before scripts are finished executing.

Async, Lazyload, Defer

Booster's Javascript is loaded after content is available. Images are loaded when and if needed, no more wasted bandwidth.

No Layout shifts

Our HTML stays clean and independent of the Javascript. No layout shifts.
Javascript generated DOM is rendered in absolute or fixed position, removing unnecessary refloats.

Innovative APIs

We take advantage of Shopify's resources, instead of your clients'.
Serving server-side rendered content using Shopify's section APIs.

Loads What's Needed

With every update we reduce the size of code that's being served and provide more functionality.
Only load and serve what's needed, removing the bloat.

Preconnect, Preload

We take advantage of pre-* APIs in order to resolve and load our assets without blocking DOM, making sure it executes ASAP.

Seamless interaction

We aim towards 0ms blocking time, with the current one being around a milisecond.
We use passive listeners and make sure the control is in the hands of a user.

Think about selling, while we think about optimizing.

By getting Booster, you can be sure that your theme will always perform at its maximum with no compromise. Every aspect of Booster is optimized for speed and performance without a single modification necessary from your developers or designers. Our team is always on it.

Get Booster Now
Get Booster Now