Thank you for purchasing Booster, a Shopify theme that is built to boost your conversion and made to increase impulsiveness, urgency and scarcity. In this documentation, we will walk you through with the entire Booster Theme configuration. 

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Before we get started, ensure that you have a working version of Shopify installed. If you want to know more about Shopify, you may check out their online guide here.


Here’s a quick guide on how to install your theme:


1. Make sure your theme files are compressed into a single .zip file.


2. From your Shopify Admin, click on Online Store and then click Themes.


3. Click Upload theme located in the top right-hand corner.




4. From the Upload theme dialog, click Choose File to select the .zip file that you want to upload.


5. Click Upload.


The uploaded theme appears in the Unpublished themes section of your Themes page. To complete your installation, click Publish theme. You are now ready to customize and configure your Booster theme.







Create a Product and Disable the Upsell and Countdown timer at the same time

1. Go to Products > Products > Add product

2. You will be directed to the Product Page configuration. Enter all the product details you need for your store.

3. On the Tags area, besides adding the tags for your product, you will need to add booster tags such as no-upsell and no-timer to disable these features on specific products.


Create a new collection

1. Go to Products > Collections > Create collection

2. Creating collection is a necessary activity for your theme especially if you want to display different products in that belongs in one section. You can manually select products or automatically select products based on conditions.


Create a new menu navigation

1. Go to Online Stores > Navigation then select Add Menu button

2. Give your navigation a title. A handle will automatically be generated from this site.

3. Add the menu item and choose the link to direct for your items.




All features can be found under Online Stores > Customize Theme > General Settings.


Theme Font Family

1. Go to General Settings > Theme Font Family

You can change your theme font style in this section. Choose your preferred font style for your Menu, Description, Title, Button and all other fonts.   



1. Go to General Settings > Colors

This section allows you to change your general theme color as well as the background and text color of your header, body and footer.



1. Go to General Settings > Header


Cart Button Color: Choose the cart button and text color


Logo: Upload your logo in this section. Note that maximum logo dimensions are 450px wide by 200px high. The uploaded file will be resized to fit within those constraints.


Favicon: Upload your .PNG image. Maximum favicon dimensions are 16px by 16px


Font: Set your Menu font size. This is defined in pixel and no need to add the ‘px’ unit



Header Top Text Strip


1.Go to General Settings > Header Strip

Check Enable Header Strip to display additional text on top of your header. You can define your header strip background and font color as well as the text messages to display.


Search Page

1. Go to General Settings > Search Page

Check Disable the free item ($0) in search page to limit search results for items that have higher value or price is not set to zero (0)   



1. Go to General Settings > Menu

Select your Primary Menu which you defined in Online Store > Navigation 


Mega Menu

Go to General Settings > Mega Menu

1. Check Enable Mega Menu to be able to add up to 4 columns and 1 Image Product



Parent Name of Dropdown Menu: Enter your Mega Menu name here. Ensure that it is in lowercase and matches one of your menu items from your Primary Menu. There is no need to add separate menu and menu items for your Mega Menu in Online Stores > Navigation. Everything will be defined in this section.


Column Title: Enter your column title


Menu Column: Choose the menu to be displayed. This is what you have defined in Online Stores > Navigation


1.Go to General Settings > Currency

To offer multiple currencies on your online store, you must first edit you store’s currency formatting here.


Enable currency conversion: Check to be able to convert prices in other supported currencies


Format: Choose how your price will be displayed. It can be with currency symbol only (example $25.00) or with currency symbol and code (example $25.00 USD)


Supported currencies: Enter all the supported currencies using the country’s ISO currency code. Separate the currencies with a space


Default currency: Enter your default currency that will be used in your store


Discount Pop Up

1. Go to General Settings > Discount Pop up




Pop up: Check to display pop up discount pop up box. Be able to



  1. When to display

  2. Pop up icon image

  3. Pop up description

  4. Color

Notification Pop Up

1. Go to General Settings > Notification Pop up

Collection: Choose the collection of products which you want to display on this feature. You can go to the collection configuration page by choosing Edit Collection on the top-right of the box.


Note: Notification Pop up will be displayed at the bottom-left corner of your screen.



UpSell Pop Up

1. Go to General Settings > UpSell Popup



Enable Upsell Popup: If checked, pop up will be displayed. This feature allows you to add 8 customizable Upsell Pop ups including a default Upsell Pop up which covers all other products that do not match your selected collections. UpSell Popups will display once you click on the BUY NOW button.


Upsell pop disable using product tag: Disable upsell pop up in Products > Select the Product on the right pane, go to Tags and use no-upsell


Select Collection: Choose the collection of products which you want to display this feature. You can go to the collection configuration page by choosing Edit Collection on the top-right of the box.


Select free product: Choose the free product to be added to the cart once the user clicks on the Yes Button.


Quantity: Set the quantity the user needs to buy to get the offer.


Home Page Slider

1. Go to General Settings > Home Page Slider


Add up to 4 slider images and be able to define slide show speed and animation speed. Note that speed setting is in milliseconds.


Home Page – Feature Collections


Go to General Settings > Home Page – Featured Collections

Enabled Featured Collection: Check to create a new section in your home page. This will help promote collections that you want to be featured in your store. Featured collections can be added automatically or manually. You can add up to 6 collections under this section.


Collection Setting


Go to General Settings > Collection Setting

You can disable and enable tags in collection page in this section.

Home Page – Collection Rows


Go to General Settings > Home Page - Collection rows

Note: This section is applicable if you are using General Setting > Home Page Products > Product Disposition > Style 5


You can define up to 4 Collection rows to be displayed in your home page. For each collection, you can enter how many rows of product items you want to be displayed. For each row, 4 products will be displayed.




Home Page Products Style Disposition

Go to General Settings > Home Page Products


There are several items you can modify in this section.

Select Home Collection Display: Choose the main collection you want to display in your home page. You can also rename this section of your desired title 


Sale Button Style Option: Booster have default “Sale” tags for your on sale items. You can choose 1 out of 4 designs. You can define the text to display and what color to use for your tags.


Five Product Disposition Styles: Choose the layout on how products will be displayed on your home page. In this section you can define your product’s title size and image size.


Note: Style 5 (collection row) will work with General Settings > Home page – Collection rows




Visitors Counter

Go to General Settings > Product Page


Visitor Counter Enable: Check to display counter on Product Page. Customize by changing the background color, text color, before and after text


Progress Bar, Add to Cart Button, and Free + Shipping Button

Go to General Settings > Product Page


Enable Product Progress bar: Check to display the progress bar and choose the color from Progress Bar timer Color


Enable Progress Bar Text: Check to display the Progress Bar Text and choose the color from Progress Bar Color



Add to Cart button text: Enter the text to be displayed. Choose color combinations for the Add to Cart Button with Add to Cart, Add to Cart Hover and Add to Cart text color



Add to Cart Text for 0$ item: Enter the text to be displayed. To enable this button, product price should be 0$.


Choose color combinations with FREE + SHIP Button, FREE + SHIP Button: Hover and FREE + SHIP Button text color


Countdown Timer

Go to General Settings > Product page Timer


Timer Setting ON/OFF: Choose whether to display or not to display the timer


Timer disable using product tag: To disable timer on specific products, go to Products > Select the Product on the right pane, go to Tags and use no-timer



Timer Setting Option:

There are 4 timer setting options available:


Custom Timer: Allows you to set the time and the stocks left manually   


Random Timer: Picks an hour between 15 minutes to 24 hour and randomly assigns number “left in stock” between 3 to 12 be displayed in your product page


Cookie based timer: It has customizable timer and numbers of stock left at the same time it has a continuous timer countdown even when user refresh the page. You can set a common decreasing time or can be different for all products. You can also manually customize your number left in stock or randomly selects a number or show the real time inventory based on sales or show the real time inventory based on stocks    


Timer reset: User will enter the start of countdown. This will reset to entered time daily.   








Timer Style : We integrated 5 different timer style, so you are able to personalize your store at your own taste.


Enable To Message:

Check to display a message on top of the timer.


To customize Top Message Text Before Number, Top Message LEFT Number and Top Message Text After Number go to :

General Settings > Product page Timer > TIMER AND PROGRESSBAR


Footer Above

Go to General Settings > Footer Above Setting


Show Footer Shipping Section:

Check to display messages above the Footer Section. Allows you to add up to two images with customizable header and text messages.





Go to General Settings > Footer


In this section you can enter the following information:


Contact information

Email Address

About US and description

Newsletter section

Footer logo


Cart Page

Go to General Settings >Cart page


Enable cart notes: Check to display text box where user can enter special instructions to seller


Enable up checkout button: Check to display additional checkout button. Shown above the purchased item section


Cart type: User can choose between Page and ajaxify cart. Ajaxify cart allows customer to continue shopping or go directly to the cart page


Cart Enable: Check to display cart expiration date. To customize text, timer settings and color go to General Settings > Cart page > Cart Page Timer


Trust Badges


Product page badges :

There are several sections you can check that allows you to add product and trust badges.


General Settings > Product Page > Social Media Sharing

Add Product Badges images and enable settings to share to Social Media



Cart Page badges :

General Settings > Cart page > Cart Page Images Setting

Add up to two images and customize label title. Maximum logo dimensions are 500px wide by 100px high. The uploaded file will be resized to fit with those constraints.


Footer Payment badges :

General Settings > Footer > Payment Icons

Enable all applicable payment options


Footer and header strip Social Media Icon :

General Settings > Social Media

Create shortcut links to all your social media accounts


Mobile Optimization

This theme has been optimized to become mobile-friendly. These are some areas you can check to customize mobile optimization under :

General Settings >

- Header Mobile

- Header Strip

- Home Page Slider

- Collection Strip

- Home Page Products

- Product Page


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