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Booster Theme Update: Version 6.2.1 Enhancements


Hello Boosters!

Designed to give you more control, flexibility, and customization options than ever before– Booster Theme Version 6.2.1

In our continuous effort to empower e-commerce businesses and enhance online storefronts, we are thrilled to announce the release of the latest upgrades in our Booster Theme. These updates are designed with your feedback in mind, focusing on enhancing customer experience, providing further customization capabilities, and improving content management on your sites. Below, we outline the new features and the benefits they bring to our cherished Booster Theme community.


New Features!

1. Variant Selector on Mini-Cart

We've added an option to incorporate variant selectors directly into the mini-cart. This means customers can now easily switch between product variations without needing to go back to the product page. This update simplifies the shopping process, significantly enhancing the user experience by making it more convenient for customers to review and adjust their choices, leading to higher satisfaction and potentially increasing conversion rates.

v6.2.1 image-1

2. Customizable Mobile Menu Icon

The flexibility to change the hamburger icon in the mobile menu is now at your fingertips. Located in the Header Section under the Menu Icon settings, this feature offers various design options to align with your store's branding. A unique and consistent branding experience is crucial in the digital market space. With this customization capability, you can now ensure that even the smallest details on your site reflect your business's identity, making for a more memorable user experience.

v6.2.1 image 2-1

3. Disable Blog Post Dates

Within the Blog Posts Template under the Article Section, we've introduced an option to turn off the display of dates on blog articles. This gives more control over content presentation, especially useful for timeless content. Removing dates from posts can improve the relevance and longevity of your articles, ensuring that valuable information doesn't get disregarded simply due to its publication date.

v6.2.1 image 3-1

4. Option to Disable Article's Prev/Next Button

Also in the Blog Posts Template under the Article Section is the ability to disable the article’s previous/next navigation buttons. This streamlines the reading experience by removing potentially distracting elements, allowing readers to focus entirely on the content at hand. It provides a cleaner and more focused interface for your audience while they engage with your blog posts.

v6.2.1 image 4-1


If you want to learn more about the new features and receive guidance on how to set them up, you can visit our Help Center for an in-depth guide. We offer numerous tutorials and guides to assist you in setting up your online store and provide instructions on accessing and configuring new features.

Where to download the new version?


To get the latest version (6.2.1, here's what you should do:


  1. Log in to our Booster Central,
  2. Head over to 'Manage Themes,'
  3. Click the URL of the latest version.


To learn more on how to update your theme, here's a step-by-step guide.


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Upgrade Now and Elevate Your Store's Performance!

With Booster Theme Version 6.2.1, we've honed in on the details that matter, ensuring that your online store not only looks great but functions seamlessly.

Upgrade today to take advantage of these enhancements and stay ahead in the competitive eCommerce landscape. As always, we're committed to delivering top-notch features that empower you to create a standout online presence.

Happy boosting! 🚀