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Booster Theme Support Services

Unleashing the Full Potential of your Booster Theme with Expert Supports

Advantages of Opting for a Support Plan

tech proficiency

Technical Proficiency

Access the knowledge of our skilled support staff who are well-versed in the nuances of Booster Theme, effectively resolving any challenges.


Effortless Troubleshooting

Our support team is on standby to swiftly address glitches, saving you the frustration of prolonged problem-solving.


Time and Resource Efficiency

Reclaim valuable time spent on technical matters for strategic business endeavors, ultimately propelling your success.


Tailored Solutions

Benefit from solutions customized to your unique business objectives, optimizing your Booster Theme experience.

Let us look after the technical side

We value your store's success and are dedicated to assisting you in establishing a thriving online business. We are happy to answer any questions you have with setting up your theme and configuring the settings to match your unique brand.

Here's what falls within our support's scope:

Functionality Knowledge
Addressing general queries regarding theme functionality and technical capabilities.
Feature Guidance
Assisting in setting up theme features and customizing theme settings.
Shopify Compatibility
Resolving any compatibility concerns arising from a standard theme installation.

Priority Support: Elevate Your Assistance Experience

Fast-Track Solutions and Dedicated Help for Your Critical Needs

Move to the top of the queue!

Whether you've embraced the Booster theme in the past or are gearing up to embark on your Booster experience, our priority support is designed with you in mind! While our Themes Support Team is consistently available to attend to your questions about the integrated settings and features of our themes, selecting priority support guarantees a swifter receipt of those invaluable responses.
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Pricing Plans

We've got a plan that's perfect for you

Basic Support Subscription

(Auto Renew - Annually)

$99 /year

Our knowledgeable technical support team is here to help after your first year of using Booster Theme.

Priority Support Subscription

(Auto Renew - Annually)

$199 /year

  • Jump the queue to receive quick and helpful support from our priority support team

  • Upon enrolling in Priority Support, your technical support needs take precedence within our team.

  • Utilize a dedicated priority support form to submit your assistance requests directly to our priority support team.

Our support does not cover the following areas:
  • Shopify administration or basic Shopify features, as these are better addressed by Shopify Support.
  • Inquiries that are thoroughly addressed in either the Shopify Help Center or our own help center.
  • Real-time support through methods like phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or live chat.
  • Development of new features or custom designs; we will direct you to the Shopify Experts Directory for such matters.
  • Errors linked to theme modifications not carried out by our team, including those stemming from third-party plugins, apps, or template file alterations. We recommend reversing these changes to restore default functionality.
  • Problems related to the installation, setup, or troubleshooting of third-party apps, including those found in the official Shopify app store.
  • Design or layout alterations beyond simple updates feasible through theme options.
  • Updates of themes, whether customized or not.
  • Troubleshooting of search engine optimization (SEO) issues, configuration, or setups. Our themes adhere to proven SEO best practices. Due to the diversity of SEO strategies and setups, we cannot offer assistance with micro data, schema tags, meta tags, canonical tags, or indexing problems. We provide various SEO resources and suggest hiring a Shopify SEO expert.
  • Matters involving business conversion rates, legal concerns, or similar issues.
  • Page speed, W3C validation, or similar validation concerns. We have compiled general tips for enhancing page load times and published a blog post addressing common Google PageSpeed Insight alerts.
  • Aid with the installation or troubleshooting of Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google AdWords remarketing tags, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels, or other third-party analytics or tracking code.
  • Challenges with Rich Snippets or Schema validation.
  • Limited technical support may be available for older theme versions.
  • Legal or compliance matters such as accessibility, GDPR, COPPA, privacy, or related topics.
  • Assistance with customizations for developers or designers working on client projects. Developers should possess familiarity with CSS, Liquid, and other technical aspects.
  • If you request permanent deletion of your personal information from our systems, your license remains valid per our policy and terms of service. However, technical support may not be feasible if personal data deletion is requested.
Extent of Priority Support Plan
  • Although customer requests under the priority support category receive precedence, assuring a specific response time for your inquiries is not within our capability.
  • There might be instances where intricate requests experience delays, particularly if additional research or consultation with colleagues is necessary.
  • Additionally, please be aware that our capacity to swiftly address problems is significantly influenced by the level of detail you offer regarding the matter.
  • It's important to understand that the priority support plan does not broaden the extent of assistance provided. Consequently, matters such as customizations and other request categories outlined in the primary list of exclusions below remain beyond the scope of our aid.
Additional restrictions associated with our support service
  • It's worth noting that, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we do not provide an absolute guarantee of technical support; nevertheless, we are committed to making our best effort to assist you or direct you to relevant resources or referrals that can help address your concern.
  • To potentially qualify for technical support, a valid and registered theme license might be a prerequisite, subject to validation by Out of the Sandbox.
  • We retain the right to confine support services exclusively to the ultimate user of the theme. Developers engaged in projects for clients should be mindful of this policy and should consider incorporating appropriate professional fees to account for customizations beyond our support scope.
  • We reserve the prerogative to restrict support for individuals with an excessive volume of inquiries, particularly those related to customizations or matters that have already been documented elsewhere.